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We recommend The PM StudyCoach Guidebooks instead. It's your PMP Study Plan in a box, so you know exactly what to study for your exam.

The PM StudyCoach Product Details

Get Ready for High Impact Coaching!

Order NowPreparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam requires time and focus. This can be a challenge especially when you are so busy at work that you need to "steal" time to study. And it gets even harder if you don't know where to start and how to best prepare. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone guide you through the process? Someone who has a proven, focused, and methodical plan?

Then The PM StudyCoach™ is for you. It is a 10-week long recorded course in which you'll be coached on what you have to study week after week.

In the course you benefit from our experience in preparing nearly 30,000 students for the PMP® Exam. You learn about best practices and a proven approach that you can apply to your studies. Every week you not only receive a new, recorded coaching session to keep you focused and on track, but you also receive complimentary study material like videos, podcasts, worksheets, articles, as well as reading and homework assignments.

Make the right choice! The PM StudyCoach is your personal GPS to navigate the road to PMP® Exam success.

The Coaching Sessions

PMP CoachingThe PM StudyCoach is a recorded, 10-week long course. At its center are 14 coaching sessions with your coach Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM. Each coaching session is a well-presented and easy to follow video. You’ll love to study!

Once you make your purchase, you receive instant access to the first three coaching sessions. After that, a new coaching session is made available to you every week. (If you prefer you can ask the support team to make all sessions available to you right away).

You can watch the coaching videos and complimentary study materials either in your browser on the customer gateway, or you can download them with a podcasting app to your tablet or phone.

The weekly coaching sessions keep you motivated to continue on your road towards becoming a PMP®. In each you hear about the areas that you need to study this week. You also hear exam tips & tricks as well as lessons learned from other, successful students. Together we see how you can use their experience for your own success. In total you receive 11 hours of recorded coaching sessions to watch.

With each coaching session, you also receive supplementary study materials. They come to you in the form of videos, podcasts, worksheets, articles, as well as reading and homework assignments. This helps you put PMP® Exam content into context.

The Weekly Workbook & Free PMP® Sample Questions

Your weekly coaching sessions take you step by step, chapter by chapter through A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) and point out specific areas of focus in your studies. Each recorded coaching session is accompanied by your Weekly Workbook. Use these PDF workbooks to guide your studies until next week. 

Here is a selection of what you can find in your Weekly Workbooks:

Your Take Action Worksheet: This is your companion throughout the course. You'll receive a new one every week. It lists every single activity that you need to to work on. These worksheets give you clear guidance in your studies. (You can see a sample of this by clicking on "Free" at the top.)

Your Daily Study Script: You'll receive this in the first week. It helps you to prepare your day-to-day study activities. On this script, we recommend the activities that you should perform every day you study. You'll learn about Regular Study Days and Sample Exam Taking Days and what to do on each.

Your Study Assignments: Every week you receive a series of clear instructions with study assignments. These range from reading certain chapters and sections from the PMBOK® Guide to listening to podcasts, watching complimentary video lessons or reading topical articles.

Your "Go Beyond" Assigments: Many of your assignments take you beyond "just" studying. As such you are coached to read important exam documents from Project Management Institute (PMI)®, guided through the process of preparing your online application, learn how to find a study partner, shown what to expect on your actual exam day and much, much more.

Your Free PMP® Sample Questions: Your Weekly Workbook also contains a Self-Assessment section with 15 sample exam questions taken from The PM Exam Simulator. Answer these questions at the end of your study week to gauge how well you understood the material. In total you receive over 200 free questions.


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Your Benefits

PMP Exam Coach

  • Follow a proven plan: As a project manager, you know of the importance of having a project plan. This is your plan to prepare for the exam.
  • Stay focused: You don't have to worry anymore about where you are at or what comes next in your studies. Your coach helps you and guides you.
  • Apply best practices: The PM StudyCoach brings together all the right study approaches in one place. Follow in the footsteps of thousands before you.
  • Make studying a routine: Not knowing what to study stops you in your tracks. Your weekly study assignments make it easy to follow.
  • Increase your motivation to study: Your weekly recorded coaching session is both educational and fun to watch.
  • Don't lose sight of "The Big Stuff": The process of taking the PMP® exam has a number of mandatory steps in addition to your daily studies. Your PM StudyCoach lays them out for you.
  • Save time: Defining and creating your own roadmap to the PMP® Exam from scratch is tedious and time consuming. Use this time instead for your studies and simply follow your coach.
  • Take the guesswork out of it: You never have to ask yourself "Have I thought of everything and am I studying enough?"

What Do I Get With The PM StudyCoach?

Over the next 10 weeks you receive 14 recorded coaching session videos with a total viewing time of 11 hours. Each session includes assignments to read, watch or listen to additional material. Here is a detailed list of your 14 sessions and what's included:

Week Session Course Material You Receive
Week 1 01: Welcome and Introduction
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 44:18)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Reading: PMP® Handbook
  • Reading: PMI’s Credential Examination Format
  • Reading: PMP® Examination Content Outline
  • Tutorial: How to Use This Course
  • Video: PMP® Exam Content Overview
  • Materials: Mission and Vision Workbook
  • Materials: Daily Study Script
  • Materials: Exam Prep Book Comparison Worksheet
  • Materials: Exam Simulator Comparison Worksheet
  • Materials: PMP® Exam Online Course Comparison Worksheet
  • Self-Assessment: 30 Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions
Week 1 02: PMP® Exam Basics & Tips
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 35:49)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Reading: PMI® Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Reading: The Secret to creating your PMP® Exam Brain Dump sheet
  • Reading: How to Find the Best Answer
  • Reading: My Life is a PMP® Ethics Question
  • Video: The Secret to creating your PMP® Exam Brain Dump sheet
  • Video: Code of Ethics
  • Listening: Ethics in Project Management
  • Self-Assessment: 15 Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions
Week 1 03: PMBOK Guide Chapter 1, 2 and 3
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 43:15)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Reading: Recommended Study Materials
  • Video: PMP® Exam Overview
  • Video: How to Prepare for The PMP® Exam
  • Video: PMP® Exam Overview Slideshare Presentation
  • Self-Assessment: 15 Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions
Week 2 04: Project Integration Management
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 54:51)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Reading: PMP® Examination Content Outline
  • Reading: Types of Expert Judgment
  • Video: The Day of Your PMP® Exam
  • Video: Understanding Your PMP® Score Report
  • Materials: Exam Day Checklist
  • Self-Assessment: 15 Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions
Week 2 05: Project Scope Management
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 58:27)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Reading: Student Tips for Building a WBS
  • Reading: Tools and Techniques of Collect Requirements
  • Reading: PMP® Sample Test Questions from PMI®
  • Reading: Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Sample Test Questions from PMI®
  • Listening: Recommendations for Informal Projects Part I - The Simple WBS
  • Listening: Work Breakdown Structures
  • Video: Finding the Best Answer to Sample Questions
  • Video: 15 Free PMP® Exam Questions SlideShare Presentation
  • Self-Assessment: 15 Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions
Week 3 06: Project Time Management
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 58:27)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Reading: Multiple Choice Test Taking Tips
  • Reading: Estimating Techniques
  • Materials: Sample Exam Score Sheet
  • Self-Assessment: 15 Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions
Week 4 07: Project Cost Management
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 59:34)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Reading: Earned Value
  • Reading: Earned Value Formulas
  • Reading: The list of Mnemonic PMP® Exam Acronyms
  • Reading: TCPI Demystified
  • Listening: "Simple" Earned Value Project Management
  • Listening: Applying EVM to Agile Projects
  • Self-Assessment: 15 Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions
Week 5 08: Project Quality Management
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 42:29)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Reading: Quality Tools & Techniques
  • Reading: Types of Questions to Expect
  • Listening: Measuring and Managing Project Quality
  • Listening: The Project Manager Blues
  • Video: Random Facts About The PMP® Exam Part 1 & 2
  • Self-Assessment: 15 Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions
Week 6 09: Project Human Resources Management
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 57:08)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Reading: Virtual Teams
  • Listening: Project Team Development (Part 1 & 2)
  • Listening: Building Effective Teams (Part 1 & 2)
  • Listening: Effective Virtual Management
  • Self-Assessment: 15 Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions
Week 7 10: Project Communications Management
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 47:55)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Reading: Project Communications Plan (Bad Example)
  • Reading: Project Communications Plan (Good Example)
  • Reading: Types of Formal and Informal Communication
  • Video: What If You Get Audited?
  • Self-Assessment: 15 Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions
Week 8 11: Project Risk Management
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 55:54)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Reading: Comparison of Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Video: Project Risk Management Overview
  • Listening: How do Risk Attitudes Affect your Project?
  • Self-Assessment: 15 Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions
Week 9 12: Project Procurement Management
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 58:13)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Reading: Exam Taking Strategy
  • Reading: Cost Risk Diagram
  • Materials: Pre-Exam Day Checklist
  • Self-Assessment: 15 Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions
Week 10 13: Project Stakeholder Management
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 37:38)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Listening: Why Worry about Stakeholders on your Project?
  • Listening: Stakeholder Identification, Engagement & Expectation Management
  • Listening: How to Identify Project Stakeholders
  • Video: Project Stakeholder Management Overview
  • Self-Assessment: 15 Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions
Week 10 14: After Your PMP® Exam
  • Coaching Session Video (Duration: 27:09)
  • Take Action Worksheet
  • Reading: Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR)
  • Reading: PDU Category Structure and Policies
  • Reading: Ways to Earn PDUs
  • Video: PMI’s PDU Secrets
  • Video: PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Videos
  • Listening: Earn 30 PDUs for Free
  • Materials: PDU Documentation Log

Materials You Need to Purchase Separately

PMBOK® Guide

You need a copy of the PMBOK® Guide, 5th edition. If you are a PMI® member then you receive a free PDF copy you can download from the PMI website after logging in. Click here for more info about The PMBOK® Guide...

Exam Prep Book

You also need a separate PMP® exam prep book. You can select any of the popular books available in the market. It serves as your personal reference to look things up and have concepts explained more fully than what might be in the PMBOK® Guide. Click here to see our recommended books...

Exam Simulator

You also need access to an online exam simulator and regularly take sample PMP® exams. Click here for a 3-day trial of our recommended PMP® Exam Simulator...

Podcasting App

If you want to download The PM StudyCoach videos directly to your android tablet or phone then you need to purchase a podcasting app. iPhone/iPad users can use iTunes, which is free.

You Also Receive the Following Bonus Materials

Bonus Item #1: 210 Sample PMP® Exam Questions

PMP Exam CoachingOne of the best ways for you to make sure you are ready for the PMP® Exam is to answer as many practice PMP® exam questions as possible. Each Weekly Workbook of The PM StudyCoach contains at least 15 self-assessment questions, which have been hand-picked from

The weekly workbook not only contains the questions, but also has answers and explanations. As the coaching sessions follow the PMBOK® Guide chapters, you can test your understanding of concepts for a range of PMP® exam topics.

With the PM StudyCoach, you have 210 opportunities to test yourself. For free!

Bonus Item #2: Learn From The Experts - Email Course

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In this 10-part email course we introduce you to our PMP Exam Experts. They are all former students of ours who talk about their PMP Exam experience. You will see how they structured their studies and what techniques helped them pass the exam. Learn from their experience and achievement, and adapt your own approach for maximum success.

Expert Article
Shawn Futterer, PMP Lessons Learned From The PMP® Certification Exam Part 1
Lessons Learned From The PMP® Certification Exam Part 2
PMP Exam Test Taking Strategies
Preparing for the PMP® Certification Exam
John Worthington, PMP Exam Lessons Learned
Jason Smith, PMP How to Pass the PMP® Exam
Bill Meacham, PMP Tips for Passing the PMP® Exam (This one is "a true classic")
Elke Van den Broeck, PMP PMP® Lessons Learned
James T. Brown Ph.D., PMP Manage Your “PMP® Exam Study” Project
Nils Kandelin, PhD, CISA, PMP A CISA gets a PMP®
Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM Break your PMP® Studies into Small Pieces
What is the PMP® Exam Passing Score?
Create your own PMP® Sample Questions
Budgeting Your Study Time

Bonus Item #3: Access to our Exam Discussion Forums

Wouldn't it be great if you had a question about the exam that you could go and ask a trusted source? That is what our exam forums are for. All customers & students have access to these forums. Ask a question and your fellow students or our staff will help you.

Bonus Item #4: Instant Subscription to the PMP® Exam Tips Newsletter

Subscription to this newsletter is a great way to complete all the aspects of the PMP® exam preparation. You receive weekly tips about specific PMP® exam techniques, guidelines and resources, exam dos and don’ts, proper scheduling and time management, and various efficient approaches you can apply. A valuable tool indeed that enables you to breathe and take one step at a time towards a relaxed you with a focused mind come exam day.

PMI Registered Education ProviderTrusted and Experienced Education Provider

We Are A Trusted and Experienced Education Provider. We have been training students since 2008. We pride ourselves on our pioneering education approach and best practices in course design...and our students love their results!

Slides & Transcript Not Included

Please note that neither a transcript nor the presentation slides are part of the PM StudyCoach package. They are also not available for purchase separately.

How to Access The PM StudyCoach

Access Method Technical Requirement
Web Browser Web Browser
Username & password for customer gateway
Directly access the coaching sessions online by logging in to our membership gateway site.
Android "direct" Android phone or tablet
Podcasting app
Install a commercial podcast application on your Android phone or tablet and watch the sessions right on the device.
Android "manual" PC with podcasting app
Cable to connect Android device
Install a podcast application on your PC and download everything to the PC first. Then copy the sessions manually to your Android phone or tablet.
iPod PC with iTunes
Cable to connect iPod
Install iTunes on your PC and download everything to the PC. Connect your iPod and the sessions are automatically copied over.
iPhone, iPad iTunes installed on device Either follow the steps above for the iPod or install iTunes right on your iPhone/iPad. Once installed you can watch the sessions right on the device.

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Supported Devices

Device High-Resolution Video
1280x720 pixel
Low-Resolution Video
640x360 pixel
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Samsung Galaxy Tablet  green-check  green-check

 We are working on providing workarounds for the devices on which it did not play (if at all possible).

Account Security, Monitoring & Deactivation

To ensure that your purchase of The PM StudyCoach is secure, we monitor account activity. Our system de-activates accounts where excessive downloads are occurring because this might be a sign that your purchase has been compromised and others are downloading your purchase without your knowledge.

We also deactivate all customer accounts 9 months after the purchase because most customers no longer use their accounts after this time.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee:

  • If The PM StudyCoach doesn't come up to your expectations...
  • If The PM StudyCoach isn't working for you...
  • If you are not 100% satisfied...

Just write to our support within 30 days of your purchase and ask for a refund. Please see our Terms & Conditions for all the details.

Discount Coupons

We regularly offer discount coupons for our products. Please see our Terms & Conditions for our detailed Discount Coupon policy.

High-Resolution and Low-Resolution

Each video of The PM StudyCoach comes both in a high-resolution and a low-resolution version. The high-resolution videos are 1280x720 pixels in size and play on most modern tables or phones. The low-resolution videos are 640x360 pixels in size and are intended for older players that cannot handle the larger files. Low-resolution is also intended for all video iPods and iPhones. You receive both versions to download.

Always Updated for the Most Recent PMP® Exam

The PM StudyCoach is always updated to the latest official PMP® Examination Content Outline.

In July 2013, PMI® introduced changes to the PMP® Exam. The PM StudyCoach has been updated to give you all the coaching you need for this updated exam. PMI® has not made any updates since then. The next update is expected in 2017.

Access is Not Forever

PMP Exam CoachingYour access to The PM StudyCoachis not forever. Please read the Terms and Conditions for all the details before you make a purchase. Here are some highlights:

  • Purchase of The PM StudyCoach does not grant you a perpetual ("continuous" or "indefinite") license to the product. You are buying a license to access the current version of the product, which you may use to prepare for the current exam.
  • The PM StudyCoach will become immediately outdated and obsolete once PMI® implements an exam update. We are a Trusted and Experienced Education Provider. At the time of such an exam update, we will remove outdated training materials.
  • Your purchase grants you access to The PM StudyCoach until you pass your PMI® exam, provided this occurs before PMI® makes an exam update. The next such update is expected in July 2017. We will close your account when PMI® updates the exam and you will no longer be able to access The PM StudyCoach. No exceptions.
  • Customers who purchase The PM StudyCoach within 180 days of a PMI® exam update receive a free or discounted upgrade. All others must purchase the new version.

Please remember that the above are just informational highlights. Please read the Terms and Conditions where all the details are explained before you purchase.

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